Grades K – 5



Tuition incentive for General Education students

Grades 6 – 12



Tuition incentive for General Education students

Grades 7 – 12

International Student Tuition 


Tuition may be paid in full or monthly (by dividing amount by 10)


Annual Registration Fee $375

Annual Fundraising Fee $500 or 20 hours of volunteering

Graduation Fee $250 for 12th grade students

Uniforms and fieldtrips not included in tuition

Scholarships & Incentives

Sappo Merit Scholarship:

For students in grades 5-12 with an average of 90 or above. Scholarship Application must be filled out and submitted with report cards and transcripts. ($7,000.00 max for September to June) Students must maintain a 3.5GPA (90).

Sappo Citizenship Scholarship:

Tuition reduction based on financial need. Determined by family budget and income tax return submitted to Main Office. Maximum reduction is 20%. Students must maintain a 3.0GPA (85) and perform 15 hours of community service per year to continue to qualify.

Parent Incentive Program:

10% off of June payment for referral of student and sign up in your name.

Payment in Full:

10% off total school year tuition if paid by August 1st.

Family Discount:

20% off for second child.

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