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My son who is in third grade now, Has always struggled in school mostly with his reading and spelling. When he was in first grade, we enrolled him in a Montessori school hoping that they would be able to help him or figure out what is holding him back. But after about six months all they would do is send home notes that say that my son had to work harder and that he was a little bit lazy.

This had a very detrimental effect on my son’s self-esteem because he worked very hard, and he did not see a lot of results. So after some friends recommended Sappo School we had a meeting with Joanne Sappo, and we later enrolled my son for the second grade.

All I have to say is I am so glad that we found Sappo School; I truly believe that it is the best private elementary school on Long Island. My son went from barely passing to at the end of the year being on the honor roll. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what this did to his self-esteem it went through the roof. So if you’re looking for one of the best Long Island private schools then you need to take the time and contact Sappo School I’m sure glad that I did.

Joe MarfoglioParent

Having worked at Sappo School and both of my boys attended, I can tell you all the time with Joanne Sappo was a gift for all 3 of us. We were going through VERY tough times, and not only did Joanne Sappo and all of her staff educate my boys in the way they needed, they emotionally supported us as well. We could not have gotten through those times without the school. Not all people can learn the same way, in large classrooms they get lost … Sappo individually helped my boys and ALL students. While my boys were learning, they felt loved, understood and learned how to have life skills that they carry with them to this day.

I cannot EVER say enough about Joanne Sappo, I could write a book. We miss her and all at the school.

Joanne makes us all better more equipped people.

Dianna Cappelli-RunyonParent

I am so grateful for the love and support that you’ve given to my daughter over the years, how you’ve helped her blossom into the miraculous young woman that she is.


I found Sappo School to be a wonderful haven and learning environment for my daughter. She attended there from grade eight until graduation. I had no idea she had trouble reading & yet Sappo School found it out the first week she attended. The public schools NEVER picked up on such an important issue. I found the teachers to be very well educated and rounded out. They were able to address the entire student in all ways. This included emotional, academic and really the full spectrum of a students needs. My daughter flourished in this fantastic environment and if I had it to do over again I would & I would start her at the earliest grade available. I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants a stable, complete and all encompassing education for their child. There’s nothing to lose but a life to gain.


I congratulate you in your endeavors to inspire and instill a love of learning in the students you serve. Your endeavors benefit our society as a whole.


Thank you for creating the school. The school, the program and your influence all deeply changed my life.


The Sappo School is great! I graduated from there in 2002 and went on to college in an honors program graduating with a 3.9 GPA. Another graduate from a few years before me is in Harvard Law school! Before going to Sappo I refused to go to public school and was completely school phobic. I suffered from depression and anxiety and had a reading disability. This school taught me how to cope with the real world and how to succeed in it. I went to college being smarter and harder working than the rest of the students. I loved Sappo School. Joanne Sappo is an amazing woman and changed my life! If you go to Sappo School you will not be disappointed.


You have truly been instrumental in creating the confident, independent and successful woman our daughter has become. We pray that many more families will be toughed by you and your amazing school


In my old school, every day I had a mental image of someone hitting me or attacking me in any way possible and it wasn’t healthy. Sappo School has helped me feel relaxed and safe. My friends at Sappo have helped me along this path of trying to stop all the negative things I have done in the past. I no longer suffer from fear of being attacked in school anymore, thanks to Ms. Sappo and the Sappo students.

1th Grade Student, after 6 months at Sappo

Regarding Ms. Sappo: “Perhaps the word savior would accurately describe her, and the school she built could be called a sanctuary. Even children with the worst school experiences can find a safe place because of her and the teachers she’s chosen. This woman fights strongly for what she believes in, and the people she helps fight for admire her greatly. She is a leader in her own revolution.


You are the people who can see the great beyond and enjoy the ride.


I am so happy for the experience to write about Sappo School. My two sons changed drastically because of their time at Sappo School. My youngest was displaying oppositional behavior. He was getting into trouble and was unable to learn. Sappo identified ADHD symptoms that were ignored before. We had him tested and this school was able to match some strategies to my son’s needs. He began to learn like never before. His behavior improved drastically and I learned new parenting skills that really worked! My older son overcame his shyness and became a public poet who performed yearly. It is true there is no indoor gymnasium yet, but the PE program teaches team effort and trust along with fair play. I love how the art program highlights the identification of the great artists and students learn from these styles. Plenty of field trips enhance learning.


I believe that the Sappo School has provided the right environment for my son to succeed where he was unable to do so in a public school setting. The Director, Joanne Sappo and the staff provide the type of environment that enables students to learn using the skills that they have, rather then being forces to comprehend with a method that will not work for them. By working individually in establishing an education plan and managing it throughout the year with the teachers and parents, the Sappo School is successful. I would recommend the Sappo School to all parents who are looking for a better way to educate their children.


You’ve always been there fro me and my family…I appreciate you staying by my side.


I am a graduate of Sappo School. Presently I am a student at SUNY Oneonta, I attribute my success to the education and experiences that I had at SS. The Sappo School is a wonderful place where students are encouraged to learn. The faculty and staff are exceptional. I would recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a quality alternative to normal high school.


My experience in my old school was bad. Every other day I would get suspended. I was getting in so much trouble because the teachers were not helping my learning problems so I felt there was no point at being in school. Sappo School helped me out a lot because they broke down the learning material so I would understand it a whole lot better. I have not gotten suspended since I have been in Sappo School and that is because I’m actually getting an education and I’m enjoying myself along with friends I have made here. My friends at Sappo helped me because they are the total opposite of those I hung out with back in my old school. They are here for me and not out to get me.

11th Grade Student
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