Tailored Learning

Tailored Learning

Student-Driven Education

Tailored learning is a student-centered approach that replaces the traditional, and widely ineffective teacher-centered model. At Sappo School, how the content is presented to the students is dictated by the individual characteristics of that class. Our team of teachers gathers information about our students using formal assessments, but also through observations of their behavior and interactions throughout the school day. These interactions provide great insight into the interests of the students and their personality types. When students are put in classroom situations that fit their personality type, they feel comfortable and will be more willing to contribute and take risks. As a result, Sappo students develop increased self-confidence, which can be applied to help students achieve higher in areas where they may have struggled in the past.

Tailored Learning is an educative model that utilizes a student’s learning style and personality type to shape the educative environment. Each Sappo School student completes learning style and personality type assessments. These assessments are used to assist teachers in creating lessons that will motivate and engage students. As a result, students take a more active role in their education and are better able to retrieve information.

The role of a teacher in our tailored education model is very similar to the job of a tailor who fits clothing to a variety of body types. The tailor repeatedly customizes the same product to achieve the optimal outcome for each client. Instead of tailoring a designer suit, our teachers are customizing the curriculum established by the New York State Board of Regents. The standards of achievement is set by New York State, however how students achieve those standards is facilitated by the teachers. The teacher takes the design provided by New York State and individualizes the lessons and activities to deliver the information in an effective and engaging manner. Just as a tailor cuts and sews to make a suit fit in a way that makes their client look their best, Sappo School teachers provide the curriculum in such a way as to enable their students to achieve to the full potential.

The Tailored Learning model provides each student with a custom-fitted education. Students are taught through their areas of strength, while continuing to strengthen areas of weakness. Students build self-awareness and self-advocacy skills as a result of becoming better informed about their own learning styles. When they are introduced to new teachers, students who have been attending our school will introduce themselves and inform the teacher about their learning style. In addition, they develop study habits using the techniques that work best for them. At Sappo School, each student is taught that each individual is different and that we all learn in different ways. Rather than forcing each student to comply with one way of doing things, we encourage students to be themselves and learn using the methods that work for them. Sappo graduates take this knowledge and these skills to college, where they can implement their own successful study habits in an environment where the teacher is no longer dictating how studying should be accomplished. The Tailored Learning program begins at Sappo School, but provides students with insight into themselves that will help them learn for a lifetime.

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