Sappo Strategies

Sappo Strategies

Sappo Strategies

Sappo Strategies are designed to support the philosophy of Holistic Education through a tangible and identifiable system that is both practical and consistent. While these strategies are formalized, they are easily adaptable to the individuality of every student. When utilizing the Sappo Strategies, the teacher and the student benefit in the classroom environment.

    • The student gains increased self-awareness
    • The student learns independent management skills
    • Socialization is improved
    • Teachers and students become inspired by a successful and skillful application of these strategies
    • A mentorship relationship between student and teacher develops as growth toward independence occurs

Sappo was designed as part of educational reform to move from institution-like learning to real learning. Real learning occurs when the student leaves the classroom and is able to apply what has been taught in real situations. Being able to memorize and understand concepts does not mean a student is fully prepared to meet the challenges of the world. This is why Sappo has become a core part of our learning program.

Sappo Strategies work for every student because specific weaknesses are targeted and healthier habits are developed. Even intellectually gifted students have weak areas that need to be addressed. The student may lack the social skills needed to succeed in college or career settings, or the student may struggle with critical thinking skills. Another student may have social skills and the ability to think critically but may struggle with recalling facts. These are just a few of the concerns addressed by using Sappo Strategies.

Teachers who have been trained at Sappo seminars are called Sappo Practitioners. These well-armed instructors engage in active research exploration for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of their students socially, emotionally, and academically. Sappo provides new learning for the teachers themselves, so they can actualize new practices and demonstrate these for students. Sappo team meetings become the antidote for random problem solving and chaotic results.

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. – Horace Mann

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