Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Sappo School participates in an accredited academic program through New York State Regents approval status. Students work toward a NYS Regents diploma in a very active college preparatory program that reaches down into the elementary grades where students learn to enjoy education and meet testing challenges with a positive aim. Regents exams are given on site, as well as SATs and SAT prep. Curriculum is based on NYS Standards and is delivered using a carefully balanced system within student-centered classrooms. The specific approach we use within our academic program encourages students to embrace academic rigor and high achievement.

The NYS Regents Diploma is a highly regarded and nationally recognized diploma by top universities

Rich cultural experiences fulfill the need for each student to learn from the contributions of those who have walked before them or who have walked a different path. Our program fully prepares each graduate to become a meaningful member of society himself, able to bring something positive to the world in which they live.

Colleges enjoy working with our graduates, who are willing to work hard and “stay the course” applying useful skills learned at Sappo. The secret behind each of our student success stories is found in our unique teaching philosophy, we call Educative Holism. As a result of our teaching methodology, students are better prepared to face the future with confidence. Therefore, the Sappo educated student does not retreat when times get tough or challenges arise. They are full prepared to “stay the course.”

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