Sappo School PTO

Sappo School PTO


The Sappo School PTO would like to welcome all new and returning students and families back to school!

For those who may not know, the PTO is an organization of parents and teachers of The Sappo School. The PTO’s goal is to foster a nurturing and caring environment that strives for continued parent involvement in helping build a better educational environment for our children. We also promote a school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work with the resources we can provide and help make school fun.  Through fundraising efforts, the PTO is able to purchase educational materials and equipment for the school.

For the PTO to be effective and truly representative of the school, it is essential to have parental involvement from as many parents as possible. Many working parents feel that they cannot be included in the PTO because they cannot come to every meeting or be at the school during the day. There are endless possibilities in ways you can help. Whatever your own level of flexibility, The Sappo PTO always appreciates their parent volunteers, as does our teachers and staff. Keep in mind that by volunteering, you will get to enjoy interacting with the kids, become friends with other parents, and accomplish things that truly make a difference.

You may be wondering just exactly what do we do and what have we                          accomplished in the last year? Well, I am proud to tell you that we have done quite a bit to be proud of!  Our most recent achievement was the introduction of 2 More Smart Boards and projectors to the school for a total of 12. Every classroom has a smart board through the fundraising efforts of the PTO. We also purchased all the equipment for the Chemistry lab, The Art Room and purchased all the Microscopes for the Science Lab. The PTO worked very hard in raising the monies for this new technology.  Keeping up with the changing technology is critical to our children’s development and the PTO is working hard on achieving these goals.  With the luxury of having a small intimate setting for our children at The Sappo School, the PTO tries to fit in as many fundraising efforts so that we can maintain our small unique community with the same technology as the large school settings.  We are extremely proud of the opportunity this combination creates for our children, and the fact that we can all help make this happen for them.

Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, your ideas, your time, and your talents are truly needed. We can match your time constraints and interests to needed tasks and groups. We have many ways in which Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents can contribute.  Please consider volunteering, it really does make a difference in the lives of our children!

Everyone is welcome to be a part!  Come and see first hand how the students benefit from so many programs and all of our / your hard work. Please come along and join us – this is your PTO and as a member you can help us achieve these goals. We need your ideas and your energy.
We  would  like to thank you in advance for all your support.

We need you!!!!!!!!

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