Sappo School is registered and approved by the New York State Regents Department. Sappo School features curriculum based on New York State Standards. The content of our courses is presented using our unique tri-level differentiation that reaches the mind of each student. Adding our holistic approach to the traditional definition of curriculum allows our educators to guide each student personally toward his or her future. You learn best when you teach others, which is why the Sappo reciprocal teaching model benefits students. This model allows students to participate in active learning projects that place them in the role of instructor for learning through sharing.

Sappo School’s curriculum offers all basic subjects necessary to satisfy New York State requirements, along with personalized curriculum tailored to each student including:

  • Personalized electives that match the interests of students
  • Mandatory and innovative Social Skills Curriculum that provides students with societal tools
  • Public Speaking skills for all grades to prepare students for challenges faced in the professional world
  • Integrative Brain Lessons to teach the application for lifelong self-advocacy toward success

The courses studies at Sappo School provide students with the opportunity to receive instruction that allows them to achieve New York State Learning Standards. In addition, students are taught long-term application of social-emotional learning excellence that is crucial for today’s fast-moving, competitive landscape. All students participate in interactive, individualized lessons designed for personal success. Each student also has a Child Study Team that actively participates in the educative process to prepare the child for graduation from high school with excellence in citizenship.



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