Brain Activity Program

Brain Activity Program

Sappo School uses research to presents its findings of how the brain works best, beginning with studies from the 1960s to today. Sappo Strategies support the understanding of how learning happens in relation to brain activity and the recognized results of specific influences. The result is the creation of a learning environment that can better synthesize the connection between the brain and learning. What is now called neuroplasticity has been studied and proven over the years to identify how brain activity continues to expand. Sappo students learn in both formal and informal settings designed to reinforce absorption of information and recall, while instilling a lifelong love of independent learning. Rich field experiences enhance learning in accord with how the brain works.

Sappo classrooms include all of the following:

  • Student centered learning model
  • Mastery-based progression
  • Formative assessments producing student self-awareness and teacher perspective in understanding abilities (Learning Style, Personality Type, Hemispheric Dominance)
  • Field Studies that place students in the community for interactive learning
  • Fine Arts support for academic subjects to foster neuroplasticity
  • Multi-sensory lessons for each lesson presented (motor learning, auditory, visual)
  • Adaptation of data presented through natural repetition, visual stimulation, cross-teaching
  • Development of areas of the brain needed to awaken to take on underdeveloped role
  • Student immersion in meaningful academic conversation and application of knowledge
  • Body movement toward brain stimulation
  • Use of color for recall
  • Relaxation, visualization and word association for recall and understanding
  • Positive Regard for self-esteem building
  • Peer circle social building
  • Teacher-student trust building
  • Active Learning for complete immersion into lessons
  • Anxiety-reduction learning environment with exercises and strategies taught to student
  • Foreign language immersion through methods that mimic early language acquisition that relies on both hemispheres of the brain
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