Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

The beginning of a child’s future starts at the primary level. While many educators put an emphasis on the high school years that fall right before college, building a solid educational foundation is key to a child’s success throughout school, college, and into the professional world. Most educational programs are very generalized and not designed to address the unique needs of each student. Children who struggle may fall behind while academically gifted students may be unchallenged and bored. All students have different strengths, weaknesses, interests, and needs that are often overlooked in favor of a generic educational program. To achieve ultimate success, students need personalized programs that help them conquer challenges, highlight their strengths, and allow them to grow and succeed in and out of the classroom. A personalized learning program that focuses on each child is exactly what makes Sappo School different from the rest.

What should a student attending Sappo School expect that is so different from the traditional classroom? In addition to offering an accredited academic program that is approved through the New York State Regents Department and curriculum that is based on NYS Standards, Sappo School is designed to guide every student toward a successful future with:

• Regent exams, SATs, and SAT prep courses offered on-site

• Rich cultural experiences that help expand each student’s horizons

• Student-centered classrooms

• A positive and encouraging atmosphere that fosters a love of learning and high academic achievement

The goal of Sappo School is to prepare graduates to become productive, successful members of society who can be positive influences in the world. Students learn to work hard, learn from others’ experiences, and are set on a positive path starting at the elementary level. Sappo School uses a unique combination of strategies and programs to ensure success, including:

• Holistic Education – This unique teaching philosophy utilized by Sappo considers the social, academic, and emotional factors of a student, creating a more personalized approach to teaching.

• Tailored Learning – At Sappo School, the learning styles and interests of our students determine how our teachers deliver the curriculum.

• Brain Activities – The connection between the brain and learning is used in this program to create an effective learning environment.


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