School Profile

School Profile

Sappo School is an independent private school. Sappo School offers grades K-12. The school is located on a 6-acre campus in a residential area. Its students come from all parts of Nassau and Suffolk County.

Sappo School is a New York State approved college preparatory school with an approved special education department.

We cater to students who work best in an intimate environment with an emphasis on personal attention. Our average class size is 8 students, there are maximum of 15 students per class. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:6.

Curriculum Highlights
Sappo School features a college preparatory curriculum based on New York State Standards. Sappo follows traditional curricula guidelines, satisfying all Regents requirements. Our holistic approach incorporates individualistic dimensions to guide the student more personally toward his or her future. All personality types are considered in the formation of each well-developed curriculum allowing the more fragile student to learn beside the more assertive learner.

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