Mission Statement and Goal

Mission Statement and Goal

Sappo School Mission

Holistic Education

Our mission is to provide a social and emotional learning environment which allows each student to develop a sense of self-awareness and self-management skills in order to achieve school and life success. Sappo’s holistic approach to learning provides the fertile ground where core values can germinate into life long qualities of human purpose, compassion, and integrity. As true guardians of society, our educative process becomes fitly united with the holistic nature of our program. To teach holistically connects meaningfully with education’s root word, educare, which means to pull out or bring forth. We believe that to bring forth all that makes one unique, rejuvenates the spirit that provides the child with the motivation to succeed. Which society exists today that does not value the advantages of shaping its citizens into beings who are complete in their own ability to face the world with a courage fostered by the positive self-image arising as the result of holistic teaching?

Our Goal

Our goal at Sappo School is to strategically create an academic model where students will thrive, as we educate toward both intrapersonal and interpersonal health needed for academic success. Our holistic model provides the key elements needed for this goal to be attained.

“If we value independence, if we are disturbed by the growing conformity of knowledge, of values, of attitudes, which our present system induces, then we may wish to set up conditions of learning which make for uniqueness, for self-direction, and for self-initiated learning.” Carl Rogers.


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