Does your child feel overly stressed about attending school, yet is fine when he is home? Perhaps you find that he becomes particularly anxious before tests, despite adequate preparation. Or, does your child suffer from a more general sense of fear that permeates his daily routine, keeping him in a constant state of vigilance?

Whether your child is suffering from Generalized Anxiety or a more specific type of anxiety, such as Social or School Phobia, the results are the same, though the cause are different. As a parent, or educator, you are not alone in your search for answers.

Sappo School recognizes that heightened anxiety impairs learning, and the role of the educator is to provide relief along with the coping mechanisms needed for life. Our goal is to inspire, not to pressure. Large class sizes can also inhibit the learning process in students who are more sensitive to their environment. Sappo School maintains small class sizes for the benefit of the anxious or more fragile student. The smaller class size limits unnecessary stimuli that may induce negative responses.

Students learn new skills that allow them to cope with their fears and anxieties in more successful ways. Sappo practitioners are qualified to provide the safety needed for the student to flourish. The safety factors include relief from the negative judgment that typically plagues the anxious student.

Parents are supported as they seek comfort for their child and are helped to understand that this condition is not indicative of immaturity, over dependency, or of their child being less well adjusted than non-sufferers. Anxious students are often recommended to our program by medical professions who have witnessed the positive results consistent with our program.

Students receive services that include one-on-one and group counseling. Peer Circle Group is added to the program, allowing students to process both interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. All of our students soon begin to feel safe in the warm environment provided by Sappo School and eventually transfer the newly found trust outside of school.

Over 95% of our students go on to college success. We find colleges that provide what each student needs, including those with a history of anxiety. Call us to find out why so many recommend this program for the anxious student.

The anxious student needs an environment where he can be safely guided through the challenges that arise.

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