College Preparatory

College Preparatory

Academic and Social Success

Identifying a school program as college preparatory does not make it so by name only. What truly identifies a school as college preparatory is the program’s ability to adequately prepare students for entry into college, while teaching the skills necessary to complete that education process successfully. Our expertise allows us to serve a variety of students in this program with individual intent. Therefore, we can say that Sappo’s college and career curriculum is more than an empty title we attach to our name. We have been successfully providing students with the opportunity to attend colleges and universities that fit each learning style and unique ambition for over twenty years. Our students benefit from exploring their interests, and enjoy the journey as they develop exciting career awareness. At Sappo School, we foster student independence and accountability to best prepare our graduates for success in competitive universities throughout the country. Our student body reflects the diversity that is integral to preparing students for living and working in a connected global society. A well-developed multi-sensory approach allows academic growth in areas of strength while students simultaneously develop new and previously ignored skills.

We begin pointing each child toward mastery of college entrance competency in elementary classes. Critical thinking and socially advanced interpersonal skills are purposefully developed as early as possible. The emphasis on reading, comprehension, writing, and public speech is an integral part of our k-12 program. Involving parents and mentors, as well as real-life career professionals, allows meaningful growth toward advanced education and successful living.  We keep a careful eye on benchmarks as we use these to assess progress toward college preparedness. These benchmarks allow us to identify where students are thriving and where they may need to be challenged. They also allow us to assess where additional academic supports are needed for the student and what enhancements may be beneficial throughout the school for the betterment of our college bound students. Sappo’s College Preparatory Program grows, adapts and supports the ever-changing societal needs that are represented in the college environment.

Surely, the best foundation for any New York college preparatory school is found in Regents standards. Sappo School is proud to have been one of the few Regents Approved private schools on Long Island for decades. To further support our program, Sappo School serves as an SAT testing center, which allows us to provide a safe, familiar and comfortable environment for our students to test in.  In support of SAT testing, we offer extracurricular SAT tutoring and prep programs. Within the classroom we incrementally increase the quality and quantity of classwork and homework as the student becomes ever more ready to achieve at higher levels. Sappo School offers and encourages both Honors and AP courses that are structured in similar ways to college classes, allowing our students to transition more comfortably into college life.  Though these expectations are high, they are never beyond a student’s ability since each participant is nurtured along the way until internal motivators are sparked. Then, with self-esteem intact, the brain properly activated and a strong instructional team, students advance toward a degree program at a college or university that is suited to their career goals. With over 90% of our students entering and completing degree courses, our success is evident. Even students who once were not thinking of college eagerly move toward new academic goals. The question we ask is “What would you enjoy learning about in college?” rather than “Do you want to go to college?”  We let our students know there is a college for everyone.

International Students and College Preparedness

Why should an international student not excel in US colleges and universities? Too often well-educated and hard-working international students graduate from our high schools and disappointedly find that he or she fails to find success in college programs or subsequent careers. Living in a foreign country away from family and friends, it is easy for such students to lose confidence. To assure that this does not happen to Sappo students, we address the three factors these students need to succeed: strong internal motivation, fluent conversational and academic language acquisition, and a strong adaptation to our culture. Without the loss of self in the process, our international students grow academically and socially. When we add these components to our already stimulating college preparedness program, enthusiasm grows and our students rise above those who strive elsewhere without such supports. They become confident English speakers who can raise their heads proudly when communicating both in the classroom and in the community. We also make sure that each student finds the comfortability and safety needed to drive him or her forward toward academic and social achievement alongside their American peers. They become part of the “Sappo family”.


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