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Sappo School, one of Long Island's finest private schools, was established in 1994 and has been providing outstanding academic education with consistency throughout the years. Sappo School is a leader in private school education on Long Island and serves the needs of students who are not meeting their fullest potential.  Sappo School is a unique educational experience with over a 19 year legacy preparing students for success.  

Sappo School is one of only seven non-religious Kindergarten through 12th Grade private schools on Long Island.  We are the few non-religious K-12 private school on Long Island with Regents approval, allowing Regents exams to be offered on site.    Sappo School is also an SAT testing center.  Sappo School teachers are educative practitioners who are experts in Educative Holism, Academic Diversity, Individualized Education Program Development, and College Preparation.  Students at Sappo School value the one on one approach we use in the classroom, while responding positively to the devoted efforts shown by their teachers.  Both regular education and special education students benefit from this program, along with the gifted student.  

Sappo School is a SHAPE supported college preparatory school designed for today’s student.What does this mean?  Students of yesteryear needed factory style classes to prepare them for industry based careers.  Today’s student needs to be prepared for much different career choices.  A SHAPE school rounds out the student’s educative process teaching in student directed classes that address social, emotional, and academic growth.  Cultural experiences further balance the need for each student to learn from the contributions made by those who paved the way before them.   Each SHAPE graduate is fully prepared to become a meaningful member of society, able to contribute to the world around them with positivity.  This allows for greater success and a stronger feeling of well-being throughout life. 

Colleges love working with our graduates, who are willing to work hard and “stay the course”.  Employers benefit from the results of a SHAPE educated student for the same reason.  Why? To “stay the course” is a phrase used to identify the soldier who will pursue toward a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism.  Using SHAPE Strategies the student is educated according to his or her learning style and personality type.  Tolerance and a powerful Anti-bully theme prepare the student to handle future challenges that may arise no matter where they are and what they do. They face the future with confidence. Therefore, the SHAPE educated student does not retreat when times get tough or challenges lay ahead.  They are fully prepared to “stay the course”.

SHAPE prepares the regular education student for stronger Regents scores and college entrance performance, while stimulating the more advanced learner or gifted student.  The special education student who is accepted to Sappo presents mild to moderate disabilities that are easily assimilated into focused, motivated, and peaceful inclusion classes. Students presenting aggressive and/or bullying behaviors are not accepted into our program, thus safety drives the student body toward unrestricted learning.

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