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  • Why Choose Sappo?

    For over 20 years, Sappo School has tailored our curriculum to create an atmosphere in which students can reach their full social, emotional and academic potential. Our staff creates a safe, non-threatening atmosphere where students can focus on learning. We provide students with engaging and fun lessons but also provide the structure and consistency they need to succeed. The strategies that we use at Sappo School have proven to be effective for students with anxiety, dyslexia, ADHD in addition to ENL and general education students.

    Sappo School provides small classes to allow for implementation of our tailored approach. We have a maximum class size of 15. By comparison, the average class size in the U.S. is 24 students. Sappo School teachers differentiate instruction in order to include the interests and individual learning styles of each of their students.

    Our project-based learning methodology allows students to access the curriculum through activities that are not language based. This provides students with dyslexia and ENL students with the ability to learn without an emphasis on reading and writing. Through projects, students learn problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills. These activities also provide students with real world applications of topics covered in class. Our STEM program provides students with the opportunity to learn by doing. Our high school students learn about coding by building their own apps. Our elementary and middle school students conduct physical and biological labs in order to learn about the world around them. By working directly on these projects, students gain confidence and better able to retain information.

    Sappo School also provides students with an expanding visual and performing arts program. These programs encourage creativity and individual thought. The arts allow students to build self-confidence, which leads to greater academic success.

    Our school also provides ENL students with immersion into American culture. Through field trips, extracurricular activities and group projects in the classroom, students are able to rapidly acquire the English language, creating the opportunity for admission into competitive U.S. universities. Our program provides students with the academic knowledge, personal insight and problem-solving skills to become members of the 21st century workforce and citizens of a global society.

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  • Student Of The Year Earns Sappo Award

    Kai Huang has earned the title of Student of the Year in a ceremony in which he received the Sappo Award. This award is given to the student who has consistently presented qualities that exemplify what it means to be a Sappo student. Kai sets a fine example for all students to follow.

  • Student of the Month

    Congratulations to Ben Huang. He was selected as the June student of the month.

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